Set in Cambodia and Melbourne,
GRIEVE is a story of change, anger, and action.

I travelled 3 times to Siem Reap to research its opening chapters and wrote the larger part of it in my hometown, Melbourne.

Written in 2016 and released in 2017,
GRIEVE is my favourite of my books.

Its story involves ten horses, two pangolins,
a unicorn, a peacock, several aspiring mermaids,
a super yacht, Jonah Hill, three 1000-year-old temples,
a bank raid, two political assassinations, a novel in Chinglish,
a Holocaust survivor, the drugging of an entire office,
a cannon mounted on a tuk-tuk, a velociraptor,
a hammer-wielding dwarf, and a man called Elvis.

And if Exquisite Hours is champagne,
then GRIEVE is whiskey on the cantankerous rocks.


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